Television comes to iTunes France, variable pricing continues

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Apple announced today that television programming is finally coming to iTunes France. Top French networks like TF1, France Télévisions, Arte, Mediatoon’s Dargaud TV and Dupuis TV and US shows from The Walt Disney Company and MTV Networks are all available in the iTunes Store in France now.

Customers can now purchase and download primetime hits like “La main blanche,” “Les Contes de la Collection Chez Maupassant,” “Coeur Océan,” “Spirou et Fantasio,” “Lucky Luke” and “Le dessous des cartes,” as well as Emmy Award-winning US programs “Lost,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Ugly Betty” and “South Park.”

Apple, again, shows us that they are moving to the variable price model. Television shows are priced at €1.49, €1.99 and €2.49 per episode.

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One thought on “Television comes to iTunes France, variable pricing continues

  1. This would be good news if my US iTunes store account allowed me to make purchases from the French iTunes store, but it doesn’t — and I’m not allowed to open an account in the French iTunes store without a French billing address. Also, while the French iTunes store does sell US television programs, but the US iTunes store doesn’t sell French television programs. This is a very big disappointment for me, since I already podcast several programs in French from Radio France, Public Sénat, and France 24. Once again, we are stymied by bureaucrats from getting the programs we really want.

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