RUMOR: Paul McCartney headed to iTunes?

mccartney_photo.jpg Infinite Loop has posted an unconfirmed rumor that Paul McCartney will be promoting and selling his new albmun through iTunes, and that, additionally, he may add his entire back catalogue to the Apple online music store.

Being a huge fan of his work, I hope this is true (if you want the closest thing you’ll ever get to another Beatles album, check out “Flaming Pie”).  It makes sense, but with it being an unconfirmed rumor, it may simply be wishful thinking on the part of a hopeful fan.

The article goes one to speculate about the possibility of this bringing the Beatles closer to being in iTunes.  If this rumor is true, and McCartney does add his solo work to iTunes, I don’t believe it helps get the Beatles music any closer to being in iTunes.  McCartney is on a different label than The Beatles, and his solo work is in no way connected.

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