New iTunes Coming With Better Search

Ready to say goodbye to the old iTunes? I am!

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Ready to say goodbye to the old iTunes? I am!

Remember my article “10 Things I Hate About the App Store“? Maybe Apple was listening (yeah, right), because word has leaked out of Cupertino that they’re building a whole new iTunes, incorporating more efficient search and other features.

Apple has acquired an Internet startup called Chomp, a search engine for Android apps that makes it easier to find the apps you’re looking for amid the sea of available mobile software. It’s also said to handle Genius-type recommendations significantly better than iTunes, though this acquisition obviously means that Chomp will be switching from the Android Marketplace to the iTunes App Store.

The new version of iTunes is said to be simpler, more user-friendly, faster, and a whole new level of interactivity.

I say this new version of iTunes can’t possibly get here fast enough!

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  1. I did read your article “10 Things I Hate About the App Storeā€œ and completely agreed with just about everything you said.

    The fact is I have always hated iTunes’ interface from the very start. So much so, that I kept avoiding it if possible…but with the coming of iphones, ipads and apps, I was no longer able to avoid it as much.

    It confused me even more when they created the App Store on new mac computers and joined that up to iTunes for ipad let’s say. Needless to say that managing ipad app on iTune (or my AppStore on air and imac) is one of my least favorite activity. I literally hate it šŸ™‚

    I never understood the reasoning behind the way iTunes functions. I still don’t. It’s las if it was made to work opposite the way my brain works.
    And I am pretty proficient with computers and software and the likes.

    I have been wishing for a iTune divorce from App Store and/or a complete and thorough makeover of user interface with all of the added search and management intelligence…..I am holding my breath šŸ™‚

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