New iPhone Apps for July 30, 2008

Apple unleashed the floodgates on updates today, making it a pretty rotten day to debut a new application. Hopefully this updating issue has been resolved and from this point forward these kinds of things can be handled on a smaller scale – there’s no way you’d be able to find a new app in this mess of updates without keeping a very close eye on the App store.

Also it’s been brought to my attention that I missed an application called Speed Name from my list of updates. With Apple udating throughout the day its pretty easy to miss one every now and again, but I wanted to make sure and link to it for those of you that might be interested in it.

New and Updated Apps include: Advent, AsteriskC2D, Bible Unleashed: NET, Bingo, BlogWriter, BMI, Boom!, BreakClassic, Bubble Bash, Bubble Bay, Byline, Chalkboard Calc, CHANEL, CheckWord, ColorRise 3D, Cookie Bonus Solitaire – Free, CubeRise 3D, Currency, Diamond Twister, Disco Ball, DMX Calc, Feeds, FileMagnet, Fire Words, FlipBook, Geohash, Go Figure Lite, Guitar Toolkit, HDL CharGen, Hey, What’s The Gold Score?, iAnywhere Mobile Office, ICE, iChart EMR, iLingo – German, 3in1 Mortgage Calc, Interview Assistant Lite, iRRSmobile, iSecret, iTrans PATH, iZen Garden, JawBreaker, Loan Shark, Local Picks by TripAdvisor, Magic iBall Deluxe, Magic Orakul, Mahjong Solitaire, Matches, Mating Call (Female), Mating Call (Male), Midomi, Miley, Mint Nutrition, mTip, My Lists, MyMote, NetManiak, NY Times, ObWheel, Orfeo, Password Vault, PCalc, PickVault, Pin, PointALator, Quitter, PRNCalc, ScoreCounter, Seattle Bus, Shopper, SimpleRSS, Sketches, SolarQuest, Speed Dial, Stage Hand, StudyCards, StuffRadar, Subway Shuffle Lite, Sudoku Pro, Surf Shack Sudoku, Tip Master, To Do, TouchCalc, Twinkle, TypePad, Weight Tracker, Where To?, Wordtouch, and wwwJDic



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