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The UK iTunes Video store is certainly not the cream of the crop of UK television, but Apple seems to slowly be adding content to it to beef the thing up. Just yesterday the UK iTunes Store was updated with the following programming:

Wallace and Grommit
Wonder Woman
V: The Complete Series
Babylon 5
West Wing
The Jetsons
The Flintstones

The shows clock in at £1.89 (that’s $3.60 US), which also makes them much more expensive than their US video counterparts. While these additions are certainly not going to set the video downloading world on fire – it is nice to see Apple at least trying to add more content to the store…right?

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  1. (The following will sound like I am trying to speak for my entire country, but please take only as my opinion!)

    Apple does not understand the UK market very much, if at all. The price difference in TV shows is one example of this.

    A bigger one would be the iPhone. I am astounded O2 let the deal go through the way it did. We are not used to paying for the handset, at a guess I would say 95%+ of contract users did not pay for their handset, period. Yet Apple asks for £200-£300 for a sub-standard piece of hardware (in terms of handsets we have seen over here).

    Neither I, nor my immediate family / friends, have owned a mobile phone that hasn’t had video / bluetooth 2.0 in the last 2/3 years. These two technologies, second to SMS, are the MOST USED ON MOBILE PHONES IN THE UK!

    The fact we are still waiting for movies is another notch. We won’t even see rentals for an age.

    The only viable product launch this side of the pond, IMO, has been the iPod. Nothing else comes close in terms of market share.

    I’ll end by saying I own an iMac, which I paid £1400 for a year and a half ago. It’s Core Duo (not 2) and came with 512mb RAM and 20″ screen. That’s edging towards $3000.

    Thanks for the hard work, Michael.. sorry for the rant!

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