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I was an English Literature Major, so you’ll understand if I’m more than just a little excited about my new find on the iTunes Store: it’s called Lit2Go, and it’s a collection of classic stories and poems, yours to download and listen to for free.

There’s a good selection, with something for almost everybody, from Edgar Allen Poe’s Stories to Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations (my personal favorite), to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, which you might want to download if you enjoyed Tim Burton’s recent production.

The recording quality could be better, I suppose- but the voices are crisp, and plays clear enough on my iPod for me on my ancient, somewhat noisy, treadmill.

You can go directly to the iTunes page of Lit2Go, which doesn’t include their entire library, or search through their huge database on the web.

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Lorraine Barte Nepomuceno

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