Get the Jericho Pilot FREE in iTunes

jericho_ad_400.jpgYou might have heard about this little show called Jericho. If you haven’t let me give you an idea of what happened.

The show got cancelled. Fans got angry. Fans sent thousands of canned nuts to CBS. CBS uncancelled the show.

This week my buddy Drew over at TV Jab reminded me and everyone else to check the show out, which is rerunning during the summer on CBS. I don’t have cable though, so that doesn’t really help me (I’m still using AppleTV for everything).

So, I was very happy to see when I logged into iTunes this morning that the Jericho pilot is FREE for a limited time.

Click here to download it.

If you like it, consider purchasing the full season, the show is currently only getting 7 more episodes, until CBS sees if the audience can be expanded. So, every download counts.



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  1. Oh it’s not a cable channel here either, but without cable I don’t have a DVR, and it honestly never occurred to me to watch it when it airs on over the air television.