Doctor Who is now in iTunes (US) and its never been cheaper!

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One of the greatest shows on television is now available in iTunes. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but in this case – it’s a little different. The show I’m talking about is “Doctor Who”, and if you haven’t seen an episode of the latest incarnation of the show, now is your chance.

My wife and I are huge fans of “Doctor Who” and we absolutely love the new series. We don’t, however, have seasons 1, 2, and 3 of the new series on DVD. Why? Because they retail here in the US for almost $90 each. That’s quite expensive for 13 episodes of a TV show…even if it is one of the best television shows ever.

Now, however, there is a fantastic alternative…in iTunes.

Season One, Season Two, and Season Three of the new “Doctor Who” series have been added to iTunes, and they only cost $25.87 each. That means you can get the entire first 3 seasons of the show for less than the price of ONE season on DVD.

That’s a deal that’s too good to pass up. If you’ve never tried “Doctor Who” – give it a shot. If you’re a sci-fi fan – you won’t be disappointed.

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4 thoughts on “Doctor Who is now in iTunes (US) and its never been cheaper!

  1. This is crazy. I live in the UK and pay the BBC Tax (250 dollars EVERY YEAR) and we can’t buy Doctor Who on the UK iTunes, but BBC run off and sell it in the states for a tiny fraction of what a DVD would cost in a British shop.
    The sooner the BBC is destroyed the better. A once great institution are now just posh gangsters holding every UK citizen to ransom. Do you know if UK citizens are caught not paying the BBC tax you can get sent to jail!

  2. It’s great that Doctor Who, once the red-headed stepchild of British TV, is now finally getting the wider audience and appreciation it deserves.

    I do feel I should address some of the untruths and distortions in the comment by mten, because I’d hate US readers to get the wrong impression. First off, while he’s right about not being able to buy Doctor Who on iTunes in the UK, I’m reliably informed they’re working on it. While you’re waiting you can get Torchwood and other fine BBC shows. In the meantime, he’s obviously unaware of the BBC iPlayer service, which allows UK residents to download BBC shows – including Doctor Who – to your computer and watch them for free.

    Talking of the TV license fee, erroneously referred to by mten as “BBC Tax”, he seems to have gotten a few things wrong. For one thing it’s a fee paid for the license to own and operate TV reception equipment, not a tax. I know such a thing is unheard of in the States, but it’s no more monstrous than paying for your dog license. The majority (but not all) of the money taken from this is used to fund the BBC and produce quality programs that commercial TV wouldn’t touch. It also funds BBC radio, and the world service. mten conveniently ignores the fact that the revenue from selling British shows in foreign markets is used to provide additional funding by the Beeb, as the money allotted by the government from the license fee doesn’t fully cover their operating costs. Also, the license fee doesn’t apply to “every UK citizen”, just households with a TV (one license per household).

    The only bit mten is right about is his statement that if you own and operate a TV and don’t pay for a license, you can indeed go to jail, though this only ever occurs to repeat offenders or those who refuse to pay the fine. People who do this are generally considered both cheap and rather stupid, as it’s not a huge expense for quality, commercial-free programming, and is considerably less than a basic cable bill in the US.

    mten sounds rather bitter. I’m guessing a TV detector van showed up on his street and caught him without a license.

  3. I’ll definitely be looking into this! I first ran into the Doctor in the eighties, and saw Tom Baker first – what a guy! It was on PBS in Dallas, Tx at the time, and man, were we disappointed when we moved to Maryland and it wasn’t here!

    I’ll certainly be downloading this one!

  4. Uhm… now it’s only $9.99 for an entire season of Doctor Who on iTunes. It’s absolutely fantastic! I thought it was some sort of glitch when I saw it, but apparently not. Maybe they are trying to reach out to American viewers? I think the episodes in the next season are airing at the same time in this U.S. and the U.K., like the Christmas special did, so that could make sense.

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