Briefly: Review, Hudson making iPhone games

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I recently got a chance to check out the Beta. Hulu, for those of you that may have missed it, is an NBC-News Corp joint venture where you can watch full length episodes of some of your favorite shows online. If done well, it could be a serious threat to the iTunes video store.

You can check out my early review of it over at TVJab for more info.


According to kotaku Hudson is eager to develop games for the iPhone, even though they don’t think it’s a very good gaming platform, and they hate iTunes. Hudson Entertainment CEO John Greiner has gone on record as saying the platform is “terrible” (I assume he means for gaming), and that iTunes is “not an optimal games distribution environment”.

Still, he can’t wait to put Bomberman on it. Why? Because he’s a money hungry executive – what other possible reason could there be?

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2 thoughts on “Briefly: Review, Hudson making iPhone games

  1. Hmmm…if angled properly, I could see iTunes have some Steam like qualities. It’s certainly interesting to think about…

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