Apple: Doing the right thing for South Park Subscribers

south-park-cvr.jpgCustomers who subscribed to the 10th season of South Park in iTunes were extremely upset to discover that the season had been quietly divided into a part 10a and part 10b.  Users who had previously subscribed to what they believed was the full 10th season of South Park, were suddenly only getting half the episodes for the price they paid.

MacNN has been following the story, and one MacNN reader received the following email recently:

“Thank you for purchasing the South Park Season 10A Season Pass from
the iTunes Store,” Apple wrote in an email message to one customer. “We know that the decision to split this season into two parts created some confusion for our customers. We strive to create a perfect experience, so iTunes is giving South Park Season 10B to everyone who purchased the South Park Season 10A Season Pass.”

It’s good to see Apple doing the right thing here.  If you subscribed to South Park Season 10 you should have already received this message.  If you haven’t, you might want to contact iTunes Customer Support.

link via MacNN

Kokou Adzo

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