Touchscreen iPod CONFIRMED by Apple

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touchscreen.jpgPomcast (which is currently suffering from the “Digg Effect”) has discovered something VERY interesting in the iPod Notes Feature Guide at (you’ll find it on page 10)- Take a look at the image to the left to see what we’re talking about. (click on it for a larger view)
This is the first direct acknowledgment from Apple that a touchscreen iPod is on it’s way…combine this with the patent information from last week and you’ve got enough confirmation to make an Apple fanboy foam at the mouth.

The widescreen iPod is coming VERY soon.  Some say December…I think it could be any day now…I don’t think we’ll have to wait for Macworld 2007. It is my personal opinion that Apple is holding off on this only to steal the thunder from Zune when it launches. I think we can expect to see an announcement from Apple just in time for the Zune launch, or VERY shortly there after.

Update 12/29/06 – I’m not sure where this got linked from (please feel free to leave a comment telling me where you came from below) but this is an old story that Apple claimed was a typo.  It was not fake.  Apple corrected it shortly after the news started making it’s way across the web.  Obviously, the last paragraph (which was purely speculation on my part) was wrong, so I have crossed it out, but left it so that you can read it, and enjoy the depths of my wrongness.

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