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Deciding on what to do in a place as busy as the city of New York can be tough, because there is just so much going on. Welcome the ultimate city planner: the “Time Out New York” application! Let your iPhone tell you up to date events, prices, reviews and maps to find everything that is happening in Manhattan.

If the “Time Out New York” user is a bona fide tourist decked out in a four-foot squared map, two digital cameras with wide angle lenses and round eyes (that look as though they had spotted a bright ghost alongside the awesome skyscrapers), then this App is essential to finding friends, restaurants, museums, bars, clubs and, most importantly, unique events that are ongoing, like music concerts at Radio City, Madison Square Garden and dozens of others.

Look over a Google Maps-like picture of the city, and put pins on every potential pizza place that serves up steaming hot extra cheese pies for twelve bucks!
Even the NYC native cannot deny that the “Time Out New York” application is a city dweller’s best friend. This free iPhone program becomes invaluable to anyone and everyone in New York as it not only locates all of the arts, sports and hot dog vendors (well maybe not the vendors), but it gives critics’ reviews of whatever you desire to do, providing pertinent information such as what is free for students, what is costly to urbanites and what is somewhere worth going into for any fee.

This App works offline; so do not worry about losing service and guiltily stranding friends that you were supposed to meet at the MOMA, because the user-friendly map will still be there to guide you.

Grade: A+

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