The “50 cent ‘Baby By Me’ sound lab” App Needs to Return to the Lab

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The current number nine in the “Top Downloaded” free applications list from the App Store is “50 cent ‘Baby By Me’ sound lab,” and it is the worst thing Apple has ever approved!

Though it may appear harmless, or possibly even potentially entertaining to fans of the rap star, 50 cent, there can be no doubt that this App is a waste of one megabyte on the precious iPhone’s memory; it is also a terrible expenditure of energy, in moving one’s thumb onto the surface to click and open this abomination.

In a purely profit seeking move, as a result of “vitaminwater” and 50, anyone, and not just all of the music engineers and producers out there, can remix 50’s new song “Baby By Me.” The song is sure to flop harder than my cousin Terry leaping in a fat-roll-gyrating cannonball that delves into the deep-end of the swimming pool. That said the free App is just a little self-promotional.

The graphics are subliminal as they say, “We mix the vitamins, you mix the beats.” Did I mention that “vitaminwater” is helping 50 cent with this one; the man’s ugly baldhead grimaces at you from this App, as though he were constipated. Sorry not the image I want to play anything by, and especially a terrible semblance of a game or App!


50 cent's Terrible App
50 cent's Terrible App

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