September 9th rumored as Apple “Special Event” day

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Kevin Rose did more talking about Apple this weekend on the latest episode of Leo Laporte’s popular “This Week in Tech” podcast. In the episode he discussed the video that he released on his blog this weekend, and gave even more details about the upcoming Apple Special Event.

He reveals that according to his sources the date of the event is September 9, 2008 – and that the iPods will be unveiled and iTunes 8 will be available for download on that day. He also goes into detail about what is coming with iTunes 8, revealing only one feature as to not “over-promise” for the release. The feature he revealed would feature the software looking at a users music and then making suggestions on other songs they might like.

Finally, he showed TWIT host Leo Laporte additional images of the new iPod nano. At this point, if Kevin is making all of this up – he’ll never live it down. I wouldn’t be surprised if most, if not all, of this stuff was on the money. We’ll just have to wait and see. If Apple is hosting an event on Sept 9th, they will most likely send out press invitations on Sept. 5th.

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10 thoughts on “September 9th rumored as Apple “Special Event” day

  1. Id’ be really surprised because the DEMO conference is going on that day and most of the key press attend that. Also CTIA starts the next day so many companies will be making announcements in anticpation of the show. Unless, Apple is announcing at DEMO.

  2. The feature he revealed would feature the software looking at a users music and then making suggestions on other songs they might like.

    Then I definitely will stop using iTunes app.

  3. @Laurent D

    Yeah, that better be a feature I can turn OFF. I don’t need or want music suggestions from a store that’s digging through my music library.

  4. “The feature [Kevin Rose] revealed would feature the software looking at a users music and then making suggestions on other songs they might like.”

    The iTunes Store already does this, in the “just for you” section. It also makes recommendations based on the items in your shopping cart, though this is a separate feature. Am I missing the “new” part?

  5. @Bob

    What it does now is looks at things you’ve purchased not things in your private, offline library. This new feature would look through your stuff, then recommend new stuff based on everything you have to get a better idea of your musical tastes.

  6. That’s it! I’m throwing out all of my Macs, smashing my iPhones to smithereens, buying several Dell’s with Vista, no better yet, Linux, to simplify my life and protect myself from a rumor about what Apple might do on a specific day in September that might be announced on another specific day, also in September.

  7. I don’t like the suggestions iTunes makes based on my purchases now . . . what makes Apple think I’ll like the suggestions they make based on my entire iTunes Library??

    Smells like an attempt to move low selling inventory . . .

  8. Why are you people crying? Don’t like the suggestions? IGNORE THEM.

    Honestly, you lot are a pleb-led bunch of twits. Don’t like iTunes? DON’T USE AN IPOD.


  9. New to IPOD, a little behind the times. Anyone have any idea when
    the new TOUCH would hit stores if the announcement is on the 9th?

    Will I be able to run down to the store on the 10th or is it going to take a month
    to get my hands on one?

  10. I actually stopped by my local Apple Store and asked one of the Geniuses about that, and their answer was a very cryptic “there is nothing confirmed related to a product refresh, and we can’t guarantee that we would have the new products available for purchase the day of the event if one were to occur…” (how very Apple-like).

    what’s driving me nuts right now is that I sold my old laptop about a month ago, and with school starting recently I need a computer (laptop or otherwise) to work with at my apartment… and with no guarantees of any MacBook/Pro updates within the next couple weeks, I’m caught between trying to wait it out and thinking I should at least go with a low-specced MacBook for now, then just selling it and buying the MacBook Pro I need once the update happens. any suggestions?

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