Jailbreak Detector No Longer Present In iOS 4.2

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As developers find holes and exploits to Jailbreak and unlock iOS devices, Apple has been vigilant on developing countermeasures to these exploits by implementing tougher security measures in each OS revision. However, Apple may be relenting a bit as the API used to detect if iOS was compromised is no longer available in the latest Software update.

Introduced in iOS 4.0 was an API that could determine if an iOS device was compromised and if any system files were modified. This API, part of the Mobile Device Management bundle allowed third party developers to check on the status of an iOS device to ensure their Apps were not hacked making user data readily accessible.

However, Apple dropped this API in iOS 4.2.1 without any explanation. A plausible theory on Apple’s decision to drop support for the API is that making it hack proof would have been impossible

“It’s an interesting concept – asking the OS to tell you if it has been compromised,” Owen says. “Because a smart attacker might first change that very part of the OS. Jailbreaks often get better and better at disguising the fact that anything has been compromised.”

Apple has been stuck in a cat and mouse game since the iPhone’s release as hackers find exploits that grant them root access to the device. Apple may be conceding to Jailbreakers temporarily to work on new methods of preventing exploits.

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