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As I look around the web, it appears that most of us are still recovering from Christmas (heck, I’m still HAVING Christmas), so, as you can imagine…the news is kinda slow today.

Still, there is cool stuff to be found on the web, and today I stumbled upon Open Culture’s collection of audiobook podcasts. These are free books for you to download and listen to on your iPod, in iTunes, or whereever and whatever you listen to podcasts with.

From classics like Dracula, The Time Machine, War of the Worlds, Alice in Wonderland, and a dozen more, to the Art of War by Sun-tzu, and even the works of Shakespeare are all avaible for free download in mp3 format, or as iTune subscriptions.

Of course, the quality of these is going to vary largely depending on who is producing them, but you can click here to give them a try and see what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Free audiobook podcasts

  1. I’ll do you one better.

    At, we not only list 84 (more coming soon) free audio books avaialbe in podcast form, but we let you listen to them over time, just like a standard podcast.

    Click and listen to any chapter for free if you like. Or get a customized subscription (totally free) and start listening ove time — and you control how often new chapters are sent to you.

    Most of our titles are original works read the by the author, though we have a few public domain titles as well.

    Thanks for bringing up the topic of free audio books and podcasting!


  2. Evo Terra, I don’t mean to be (too) offensive, but not only have I never heard of any of the authors or titles offered at your site, they also all seem… kinda crap, you know?

    I’m in the market for audiobooks as I will be road-tripping soon, and I appreciate the time and effort that went into your collection, but not a single title there looked anything but lame. Sorry to be harsh, but I’m annoyed by your “one better” when Apple Gazette’s list includes timeless classics.

    As for “listening to audiobooks over time”, you may have noticed that iTunes/iPod are well aware of how people listen to audiobooks and podcasts, so they’ll remember where you last paused. I’m not sure what other reason there is for splitting audiobooks into chapters – bandwidth? This isn’t 1996 anymore.

    And to Apple Gazette, thanks!

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