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CopyTrans Makes it Easy to Transfer Tracks from iPod to Computer

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Don’t you just hate it when songs go missing from your iTunes library? I know I try to make sure that my iPod, phone, and computer contain the same songs so that there is no need to wonder which device to use when I feel like listening to something. Here, my organization skills fail me sometimes.

For people like me, CopyTrans is something that might be useful. It is software that makes it easy to transfer music from iPods/iPhones to the computer. I am sure that, at one point or another, you’ve found yourself looking for a program that will allow you to transfer the contents of your iPod to your computer. CopyTrans does just that – with a single click.

It actually has two modes – Smart Backup and Manual Backup. The former mode is that one that beginners will find helpful. One click and your iTunes library will contain whatever it is that is in your iPod. This will work perfectly if iTunes is empty or has missing tracks (that are in your iPod). And yes, you can say that this option is perfect for us who cannot afford to spend too much time figuring out which tracks to transfer. The Manual Backup mode, on the other hand, gives a lot more control to the user. In this mode, you can pick out tracks to transfer. You can even decide which details (of a track) to include in the transfer. If you’re in a finicky mood, then this mode will match that perfectly.

Even if your iTunes library is more organized than an accountant’s balance sheet, you might still find some use for this software. In the unfortunate event that you lose all your music in your hard drive, CopyTrans should come in handy.

You can check the software out for yourself at the CopyTrans web site. Oh, and yes, the latest version is compatible with iTunes 9 and iOS 4, but the suite doesn’t run on Mac. 🙁

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