This 16-Port iOS Device USB Charging Station Will Change Your Life

16-port ios device usb charging station

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There are some things in life that we simply have to accept.

Mac users are always one USB port short.

There is always (at least) one iOS device that has to be charged – with no port available.

We’re used to it. We get by.

But do we have to?

Skiva Tech says NO.

They’re launching a 16-Port iOS Device USB charging station will solve the problem. It does exactly what it says – the dock can accommodate up to 16 devices in one go.

Called PowerFlow, the 16-Port iOS Device USB charging station seems too good to be true. It has a total output of 192 watts. It serves up 2.4 Amps to quickly charge each device. It’s got protection from overcharging and current/voltage spikes. It’s also designed to be compact and lightweight, so you can pack it into your mobile office (whether it’s a throw everything in bag or an organized Leviathan) whenever you need to.

16-port ios device usb charging station

Now you’re probably thinking: overkill.

16 ports??? Sure, needing one or two more ports is normal, but 16???

Think about families with lots of devices. Think bigger – offices (your darned officemates always getting your charger), cafes, the library, and co-working spaces.

powerflow diagram

Up till now, I’ve highlighted iOS devices (we’re an Apple blog after all), but PowerFlow is designed to accommodate other devices as well – as long as they are USB-based.

That being said, PowerFlow has a smart detection feature. That is, it can detect what device has been connected and automatically regulate the power output needed to charge the device.

Pretty convincing, isn’t it?

Check out PowerFlow on Kickstarter.

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  1. Looks very interesting for a small business, working from home though I only need an iPhone and iPad charger

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