Crabble – an iPhone/iPod touch stand for your Wallet

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You know I love watching video on my iPhone, but I have often wished I could take a stand with me that wasn’t a complete pain to carry around.

So, you can imagine, I was please to see this new stand, Crabble, from Seskimo. The stand fits in your wallet, but can hold an iPhone or iPod touch in either portrait or landscape mode, and has an adjutable angle to 45 degrees.

That’s pretty cool.

Here’s the best part…the thing only costs $4.99. That’s CHEAP…or in this case, INEXPENSIVE might be more appropriate. Because if it works as well as it does in that video, cheap would be an inaccurate word to describe it.

Find out more here.

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  1. It is strange. 2 weeks without an update. I hope Michael is ok. Maybe he got a crabble and has been addicted to watching video. Let’s hope so.

  2. Come on Michael. WWDC is coming up you must have something to say. Where are you? Does anybody know where he is?

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