Reminder Europe: Apple Event Today!

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Yup, there is an Apple Event today happening at the following times:

11:00PM – Hawaii (September 17th)
2:00AM – Pacific
3:00AM – Mountain
4:00AM – Central
5:00AM – Eastern
10:00AM – London
11:00AM – Paris
6:00PM – Tokyo

I’m in that Central time zone – and I will most likely be asleep when this even occurs. You can find live coverage of it, at Engadget, however, so feel free to check that out. I’ll have a full report here sometime during the day.

If you want my predictions – you’ll be seeing the iPhone announced for European Markets, with either a spin on, or lack of mention of the lack of unlimited data plans. It will be an EDGE phone, and will be no different than the US iPhone.

The only surprise of the event might be a 16 gb iPhone. Other than that, I don’t expect much.

I might be wrong – it’s happened before…if so, please feel free to belittle me in the comments below.


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