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There is a new round of iPhone ads running on TV and on Since AppleTV is my TV these days, I haven’t seen a commercial in a very long time, so if I’m late with this I apologize, but I believe at least a few of these have just started running.

The four ads are “Instead”, “Amazing”, “All the Parts”, and “All These Years”.

I really like this iPhone ad campaign, but I have to take issue with “All the Parts”. It claims that “All the Parts” of the Internet are available on the iPhone – and we all know that isn’t true. Just go to and try to watch a video…THAT part of the Internet isn’t on their…neither is ANY part of the Internet that requires Flash of any kind.

The other three I like. It’s also worth noting that Jeff Cannata of the Totally Rad Show is the little picture guy in the Instead ad. Why is that worth noting? Because I love the Totally Rad Show – and I wanted to plug it.


You can view the ads here.

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