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iphoneography accessories
Helium Core Mobile Journalism

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Who would have thought that “iPhoneography” would become a word? More so, such a widely used term! As it has been said so often, the iPhone has made photography easy that most anyone can take awesome photos; but of course, pros would have reservations about that.

Then again, remember Tangerine, which was a Sundance hit shot using the iPhone 5S?

In any case, if you’re an avid iPhone photographer, then you would want to know about Helium Core.

It’s not yet available in the market as they are at the crowdfunding stage, but the touted features and capabilities of one of the newest iPhoneography accessories are impressive.

iphoneography accessories

As you can see, the case is basically a chassis – made of aluminum. Its design allows you to change/add lenses, filters, flashes, mics, and tripods.

But don’t other iPhoneography accessories do that?

Sure, but the makers of Helium Core claim that its design makes it more ergonomic and flexible. They showcase the different ways you can use your iPhone when you have the Helium Core.

With the Helium Core, you can customize your iPhone and set it up as a filmmaking camera, a photography camera, a mobile journalism rig, a live broadcasting setup, or a vlogging rig. Its durable design and ability to let you flexibly place accessories on it makes it a solid foundation for your iPhone-based camera system, all in a pocket-sized design.

Helium core filmmaking
Helium Core filmmaking
iphoneography accessories
Helium Core Mobile Journalism

Here are more ways to use Helium Core, thanks to the multiple points you can mount your iPhone on.

mounting points


Check them out on Kickstarter or watch the video below and back them up using the widget.

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