Canada, Norway, and Sweden all get terrible iPhone plans

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The big stink on Friday was the announcement of the iPhone plans in Canada. Rogers has offered some less than spectacular plans for Canadian iPhone customers, sparking an online petition that has had over 9,000 signatures added to it this weekend.

Canada wasn’t the only one to get news of terrible rate plans on Friday, though.

Both Sweden and Norway also received their rate plan information, and one could argue that their plans make the Rogers plans look generous.

The Sweden plans are as follows:

Plans in Norway run:

$80 -> 100 minutes, 100MB, 100 SMS
$140 -> 250 minutes, 250MB, 250 SMS
$220 -> 1000 minutes, 1000MB, 1000 SMS

And the Rogers plans are as follows:

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7 thoughts on “Canada, Norway, and Sweden all get terrible iPhone plans

  1. Ireland had terrible plans since the iphone was launched in March – and the number of complaint emails coupled with the low take-up forced O2 to change their stupid ways.

    4 months later and we are getting a far more realistic cost for the iphone – even if the rates are only OK.

    My advice – COMPLAIN. A LOT.

  2. I don’t think its too bad. I doubt I will use more than 400mb anyways. But the 50cents/mb if you go over its a bit much. At least i can get it officially

  3. Well, in Denmark it’s not much better:

    The carrier will be Telia (
    Their price of the iPhone will be:
    8 GB: 1399 dkr ($293)
    16 GB: 1999 dkr ($418)

    The monthly price is 599 dkr ($123) for 6 moths
    The price includes 300 MB pr. month
    It will cost 1,25 (26 cents) pr. additional MB
    Included is 300 min, and unlimited text

    The total price minimum price (8 GB phone, no additional MB) is therefor :
    $293 + 6 * $123 = $1031

    Not exactly a great offer.

    Link to Telia’s price page (in danish)

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