‘Bobine’ Flexible iPhone Charging Dock: Good for Selfies Too

“The Gravity-Defying, MFI-Certified Charging Cable, Flexible Dock & Tripod”

That’s how the Bobine flexible iPhone charging dock is described by its makers.

Surely there is no shortage of charging docks for the iPhone, but the Bobine iPhone charging dock stands above the rest. Quite literally, too.

flexible iphone charging dock

This flexible iPhone charging dock has a USB Type-A connector on one end, and an MFI Lightning connector on the other. The plugs are connected by an ultra-strong and yet flexible cord, measuring 24 inches.

It really is the flexibility of the cord that makes the Bobine iPhone charging dock interesting because you can place your phone practically in any position you want.

You can place it so close to (or overlapping) your screen so you don’t miss any notification.

flexible iPhone charging dock

With this dock, you can make FaceTime calls more convenient, you can put the phone on the kitchen counter to follow recipes while cooking, and so many other useful things.

And, of course, it’s perfect for selfie addicts enthusiasts.

The Bobine flexible charging iPhone dock sells at $35 (not bad!) but is on sale for only $24.99. You’ve got to hurry, though, as the sale ends in 17 hours!

Get yours here.

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