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[UPDATED 2021]

I spend entirely way too much time on Reddit. Do you? It’s the first thing I check in the morning and the last night I check at night. There are just so many new interesting topics you can check out every day. However, some of the Reddit client apps for iOS are frustratingly not that well-designed. Here’s our take on the top Reddit apps for iOS right now.

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A good Reddit client should make it easy to quickly scroll through content, viewing a wide variety of media while upvoting and downvoting easily. It’s a complex development task, but Narwhal handles it well. I love that you can swipe on posts to upvote and downvote them, and the user interface is well-designed and easy to understand. The app also includes a lot of features borrowed from Reddit Enhancement Suite, like hiding posts, which is invaluable. ┬áIn addition, you can also save links through Narwhal.


One of the top-rated Reddit clients for iOS, Apollo helps to keep you up to date with anything and everything related to Reddit. Among its great features is its special media viewer where you will find the latest albums, GIFs, and videos. Even if you’re new to the app, you won’t have a difficult time navigating it thanks to its tabbed interface. Plus, you can customize the gestures to get an improved user experience. Not a fan of light mode? Apollo offers dark mode to keep your eyes comfortable in the dark.


BaconReader helps users be updated on the latest trends and contents on Reddit. Aside from looking in, you can also post links and comment on posts using this app. Heck, you can even submit images easily. Upvoting and downvoting contents are easy to do in this app as well. Some people use multiple accounts and BaconReader allows users to switch between accounts easily. If you want to go back to a specific subreddit, you can also bookmark it through BaconReader.


Just as the name implies, MultiTab is a Reddit client for iPhone that allows users to have multiple tabs while browsing Reddit. These help you stay organized with whatever subreddits you’re looking at. That way, each tab has its own feed where you can easily and quickly view posts and comments. Some of its other great features include a full-screen image viewer, iCloud sync, and dark mode. Moreover, users can choose to view the posts by grid, card, or media.


If you’re all about customization, Slide might be the one for you. It offers a nice, clean interface with several options for customization. This way, you can organize everything to suit your needs. You will be able to quickly access everything you want to see upon opening the app. One of its cool features is the Read-It-Later feature. There might be a subreddit that you saw but you’re too busy to look into at a specific time. This feature will let you go back to it later. Also, it has automatic syncing, which enables users to catch up even without the internet.


ReSurfer has arguably the best minimalist design out of all the apps on this list. So if you’re looking for something simple but gets the job done efficiently, ReSurfer is the one to beat. This app lets you scroll through all your subscriptions, create new posts, leave comments on others’ posts, and reply to people’s comments. Following new communities through this app is easy, too. Customization isn’t a problem as well, as this app allows users to sort through all their preferences to suit their tastes.


If you want a powerhouse, definitely go for Readder. Aside from the basic actions you can do with this app, such as preview subreddits and follow discussions, you can also switch between accounts while browsing. People who value privacy will be pleased to learn that Readder offers passcode protection so not just anyone can open this app and check out what you’re into. Like browsing Reddit at night? Turn on this app’s night mode or even reader mode so you can immerse yourself in full-screen viewing.


Comet isn’t exactly the most popular Reddit client app on this list. However, don’t dismiss it just yet. Comet offers all the basic features you need for a good Reddit experience. It’s pretty simple and straightforward so managing your accounts as well as subreddits will be breezy. You also get a nice media viewer that lets you loop GIFs as well as watch videos within the app already. Comet also doesn’t fall behind on the customization front. It offers more than 30 settings that let users customize the app to get the ultimate Reddit experience suited to their taste.

Have you tried any of these apps? What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below!

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