Apple’s Web App Directory is up – but where are the IM Clients?

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Yesterday afternoon Apple launched their Web Apps directory on – with a rather noticeable exclusion. There are applications for everything you can think of. To Do lists, Tip Estimators, Games, even mobile banking websites that were not even designed for the iPhone.

…but where are the IM applications? Where is FlickIM, BeeJive, and all the other IM applications for the iPhone?

What possible reason could Apple have to excluding these fine applications – some would say the most useful of ALL current iPhone applications. I know for sure that Beejive is the only iPhone application that I use daily.

Why would Apple not include these?

Now, those of you who are cynics already think you’ve figured out the answer don’t you? Sure you do. Come on…say it out loud. Ok, think it. You know what you’re thinking…because Apple wants you to use SMS so they can make more money right? SURE! That’s it! Apple has gone EVIL and want to NICKLE and DIME you to DEATH!!!! They want to take your soul!!!!!


Calm down.

Because THAT AIN’T IT. How do I know? Well, if Apple’s only goal was to make you spend more money through TXT messages, would they include this free application that allows you to send FREE SMS messages? Or this one?

No, of course they wouldn’t.

So something is up. You don’t catch every terrible, half coded excuse for an iPhone game, and miss these excellent, professional, and integrated chat clients.

So let’s do some collective speculating – why are the IM clients missing? Is it because Apple is releasing their own native IM client soon for iPhone? Did they honestly just forget them?

What do you think?

Update: After further searching, I did fine one IM client. It’s the absolute worst of the IM clients, and only works with AOL and .Mac accounts. So again, I have to ask – why aren’t the real IM clients in the directory?

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