iPad Wi-Fi + 3G Available for Pre-Order Pickup April 30

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Ok so bear with me, as this gets a bit confusing.

Apple has announced that the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G is coming to the US on April 30 for pre-order customers, and everyone else can buy it at 5 p.m. same day. But the picture above is directly from the Apple store, showing the same model shipping on May 7. Weird, right?

This is good news for those of you who have been waiting in the wings, but it’s been a few weeks now with the iPad live in the streets, and with plenty of people with time to make a review. So are there going to be big lines for the 3G model? Do people really want to step up now, or have they already played with the device and decided it’s not for them?

My guess at the moment is that there will be lots of 3G models sold, but not as many in the first week as there were traditional iPads. Of course, I will say that I’m probably wrong, but it’s worth throwing it out there.

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