Best iPad Case Ever?

Meet the Padintosh. It decks out your iPad 2 or 3 with retro Apple style, giving it the appearance of an original Macintosh.

ThinkGeek is selling these bad boys for $25. The Padintosh is not only cool-looking, it’s built to protect your iPad from whatever life throws at it. It snaps on the back of your iPad so that its ultra-thin 2mm hard casing can give your tablet a whole new old look. The slim case is designed to closely mimic a 1984 model Macintosh computer, with a rectangular computer case in glorious beige, a faux floppy disk slot, and a recreation of a display that’s even beveled to give it the right shape. The display shows MacPaint, with the iconic “Hello” message handwritten on it.

Since it’s only made to cover the back of your iPad, it doesn’t interfere with your Smart Cover. And of course, it’s got holes in all the right places, to allow easy access to your camera, volume control, power button, etc.

I think I’m in love.

Robin Parrish

Unathletic, uncoordinated tall man with endless creativity stampeding through his overactive brain. Comes with beard, wife, and two miniature humans.

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