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amp case

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For people who like watching videos and movies, or listening to music on their iPad Air, there is this new project on Kickstarter that might just amp up your experience. Truth be told, the sound from the iPad Air isn’t impressive, but that is not the main reason people but the tablet, is it? And those who do use the tablet for sound-related activities, there is always the option to use high-quality earphones or headphones.

Still, if you want to upgrade your iPad Air sound without having to use earphones, check out Amp for iPad Air 2™ and iPad Air™, a Kickstarter project by Gregg Davis OIO.

amp case

As you can see, this protective case incorporates hi-fidelity stereo bluetooth speakers. According to the project leader, this is the first iPad Air case of its kind. To quote:

Amp is designed to fill your room with incredible sound at double the volume of most portable Bluetooth speakers. Because the speakers are located on the left and right of your iPad Air™, you’ll actually hear the theater experience, just as if you were there when the movie, show, or music was originally recorded.

Obviously, I haven’t tried or heard the Amp case to judge its performance, but the idea of having such a portable speaker is rather enticing, especially if you like to travel with others; if you’re at the beach, for example, you don’t have to settle for one of those crappy portable egg-shapes speakers.

Amp Case video

Here’s a video of the Amp case to learn more about it.

The project has 47 days to go, and it still needs a lot of backers; so if you find the concept interesting, you might want to check out the perks for each tier, or you can back the project below.

What do you think about the Amp case? Is it going to be “just another case”, or is it a brilliant idea?

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