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iPad Accessories on My Wishlist

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Because it’s a known fact that I’m an Apple fangirl, many people feel it’s their duty to let me know that they won’t be buying the iPad. That’s fine with me- people can certainly choose not to buy Apple’s latest product. But I’m not one of those people.

In fact- and this is a wee bit embarrassing- I’ve already been making a list of accessories I want for my iPad. Of course, I need a Keyboard Dock- but from non-Apple places, these are at the top of my wish list:

McGraw Handmade Vintage Fabric iPad Case

Gorgeous, no? Found on the always lovely Etsy, I love that this is handmade from vintage fabric, giving the ultra-modern iPad a cozier feel. And doesn’t it look cozy? It features a sling-flap enclosure and a front pocket.

Screen Care Kit for iPad

I really, really dislike glare. I mean, who doesn’t? This protective film from Griffin will probably be the first thing that goes on my iPad. And, since I seem to get my fingerprints on everything, the cleaning cloth will come in handy.

Pogo Sketch Stylus

I know Steve is anti-stylus, but I personally like using them. The Pogo Sketch is supposed to be iPad compatible, and I like its sleek design and promise of accuracy.

What’s on your iPad wishlist?

Lorraine Barte Nepomuceno

Lorraine Barte Nepomuceno

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