A Reason to Watch the Oscars – iPad Commercial Debuts

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If you were watching the Oscars last night, then you probably saw the debut iPad commercial. Maybe even more than once. But if you haven’t, head on over to the Apple website to check it out. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

A lot of sites are taking this ad apart like a Zapruder film, but I’m not going to do that here. Instead, I’ll just make witty commentary and you can tear me apart in the comments.

Here’s the challenge I see with the iPad: Behind everything in this commercial is a pair of legs. That means to type, respond to an e-mail, or just watch a movie, you have to form a wedge with your body and prop up the iPad. That’s not typically how I do things. With my iPhone, I just flip it around however I need to so I can do my work. I can typically type things out one-handed, and not have any concerns. I can also watch a movie without worrying about the people next to me watching it too, something I find a little creepy about the iPad.

Plus, this commercial doesn’t really sell me on what the iPad is. It looks like it’s a commercial for a big iPhone – which a lot of people have said it is anyways – and it doesn’t talk about all of the really unique features. What I’m hoping for is a commercial similar to the current iPhone commercials, where they discuss the functionality of the product, not just flip through a bunch of highlights. Stuff like that is what’s going to sell the product to the mainstream; we all know that the fanboys are already waiting in line.

They’ve got a month to build more hype. Can it be done?

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