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This will be the most remarkably short app review we’ve ever published. That’s because Weather Doodle may be an adorable little app, but it just doesn’t do much.

The first (and so far only) app by San Francisco-based developer Tiny Mammal, is a cute app for iPhone and iPad (my review experience was for the iPad version) that presents weather data in an artsy way. Set up multiple cities around the world that you’d like instant access to weather from, and they’re just a flick away. Weather Doodle gets its data from Accuweather, so it’s always current and accurate.

There are two screens available for each city: current conditions and a 5-day forecast. Current conditions are represented with artistic images of sunshine, rain, snow, clouds, and so forth. The art comes with a lot of customized imagery to reflect things like the time of day and even phases of the moon. The temperature is shown in the top left corner. Optional details at the bottom list wind conditions and humidity levels. The forecast gives you a similar glimpse of upcoming conditions, including highs and lows.

“Paperscape” (shown in these screenshots) is the name of the default art style that comes with the app, but via in-app purchase two additional styles are available for $.99 each. Which is the same price as the app itself. There are a few other minor customization options available, such as setting the temperature display to Celsius vs. Fahrenheit. You can easily share screenshots from the app on Facebook.

Those looking for depth in their weather data won’t find it here, since Weather Doodle‘s one concern is to present the basic outdoor conditions in a style that’s pleasing to the eyes. I wouldn’t have minded there being some more functions built in, such as some kind of radar, or severe weather alerts. But if all you’re after is “checking the weather,” there are few apps that present it a more appealing style.

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