How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You on Their iPhone?

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Blocking someone on your mobile phone is pretty common these days. Whether it’s an ex who you no longer wish to contact you or a marketer who keeps badgering you, blocking them on your phone will do the trick. But what if it’s the other way around? How do you know if someone blocked you on their iPhone?

You won’t get any notification if somebody blocks you on their iPhone. There’s also no straightforward method of finding out if you’re blocked from their phone. However, you can look for signs that may indicate that you’ve been blocked. Here are some signs to look out for to know if someone blocked you on their iPhone.

  1. Did your iMessage get delivered?

The first sign that someone blocked you on their iPhone is your iMessage to them won’t get delivered. Of course, you have to consider your internet connection with this one. If your iPhone has a stable internet connection and your iMessage still won’t deliver, that’s a telltale sign that you’ve been blocked on their iPhone. Especially if your previous iMessages to this person were delivered except for this most recent one.

With your iMessage not getting delivered to the recipient, they won’t get any notifications about it. Hence, they won’t know that you sent them an iMessage in the first place.

  1. Did your iPhone automatically resend your iMessage as a text message?

What if your iPhone just won’t send any messages? You can test out this theory by enabling SMS texts on your iPhone. Once this is enabled, try sending an iMessage again. If your iPhone attempts to deliver an iMessage and automatically switches to sending a text message, that’s a good indication that you’ve been blocked.

If your text message doesn’t provide delivery confirmation or you don’t get a response, it’s an indication that you’ve been blocked on their iPhone.

  1. Is their Do Not Disturb Mode on?

Now, you might think that maybe their Do Not Disturb Mode is on? Because if that’s the case, then it might be the reason why your messages aren’t getting delivered, right? Wrong. How the Do Not Disturb feature works is that the recipient won’t get any notifications about the message at all, but it doesn’t concern the sender. In fact, their iPhone won’t even receive that iMessage while this feature is on.

However, your iMessage would still be delivered to their iPhone, they just haven’t received it yet. It’s like the message is kept in storage while they’re in Do Not Disturb Mode. Once they turn it off, they’ll receive both the notification and the actual iMessage. On your end, it should indicate “Delivered” regardless. If it doesn’t, you might be blocked on their iPhone.

  1. Did your calls go straight to Voicemail?

Tired of trying it out on just messages? You can also try calling them on their iPhone. After all, their phone might just be out of service, that’s why your messages couldn’t be delivered to their iPhone. Dial their mobile number on your iPhone and call them up. Pay attention to what you’ll hear on the other end of the line.

If it doesn’t come up to a full ring and you’re directed straight to voicemail, it’s a sign that you’ve been blocked on their iPhone. You’ll still be able to leave a voicemail but they won’t get notified of it – or even your call, for that matter. They’ll only be able to see the voicemail you left if they take a look at the blocked calls section. Either that, or if they unblock you on their iPhone, then they’ll receive a notification about this voicemail.

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On the other hand, you can try calling again and if they’re on Do Not Disturb Mode, then it’ll depend on the Repeated Calls feature. If they have it on, then your second call may go through if it’s within three minutes of the first call and, of course, if you’re not blocked. However, if it’s disabled, then you’ll still go straight to voicemail.

  1. Did you get an automated response?

They can also opt to provide auto responses when they’re on Do Not Disturb Mode. So if you receive an automated text message from them after going to voicemail, say, “Can I call you later?,” that means that you’re not blocked from their iPhone; they’re just on Do Not Disturb Mode. However, if you don’t receive anything, it’s a sign that you’ve been blocked.

Now, these are only signs that you can look for to know if you’re blocked from someone’s iPhone. However, they’re not surefire ways to find out if you’re blocked or not. Hopefully, these clues will help you figure out this problem, or maybe you can ask them in person if you can.

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