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Don’t have the right words to say to start off the year? Let’s have a bit of fun then. Emoji fun.

Emojis are the perfect way to say everything your heart feels, but your voice isn’t able to express. They are there to help us convey the deep, darkest emotions; the most ecstatic emotions; and the ones you just downright need a visual for.

If you could only choose seven emojis to express yourself with for the rest of your life (this is a hypothetical, people; no need to freak out), these would do the trick.

The best emojis to use when you’re at a loss for words

The Devastated “Smiley”

best emojis

This little guy is no joke. It is by far the most expressive in properly conveying the full extent of your devastation, especially when used in doubles and triples. We only ask that you don’t take advantage of this marvelous emoticon, and therefore only use it when you’re truly feeling the pain.

Appropriate usage:

Monday morning; the Monday-est Tuesdays ever; when Starbucks stops serving their holiday drinks; when there’s no wine left.

The Dancing Girls

best emojisIf you were to take the recent KeeptheHeat video of two toddler girls running around in diapers and turn it into an emoji, this is what you would get. The dancing girls emoji allows you to show your excitement for something without looking overly eager with 5-6 exclamation points.

Appropriate usage:

When you and your BFF are twinsies; when you’ve just been invited to the biggest concert of the year; when you’re really excited about your weekend plans.

The Grimacing Face Smiley

best emojisDirect translation: Sorry I’m not sorry. This cheeky little emoji might seem plain at first, and may not have even grabbed your attention as one of the greatest ones to use, but its casual demeanor is the perfect combination of cynical and saucy.

Appropriate usage: When asking an outlandishly inappropriate question; when you wake up from a

When asking an outlandishly inappropriate question; when you wake up from a 5-hour nap when it was supposed to be 20 minutes; when you casually spill red wine all over a white wall.

The Crying with Laughter Smiley

best emojisIf this emoticon is not in your top 10 frequently used emojis – you have a problem. Similar to the devastated face, this emoji shows the opposite spectrum of emotions. If you find something so funny that you actually start to cry – or pee your pants – this smiley is your guy.

Appropriate usage: With the hashtag #notmadaboutit; when you wake up hungover and see your camera roll; when you have to Google things like,

With the hashtag #notmadaboutit; when you wake up hungover and see your camera roll; when you have to Google things like, How do I write a check?

The Ninja

best emojisRule number one: never mistake a samurai for a ninja. A samurai is not a ninja. The ninja emoticon lives in the Skype world, and is most often used when someone is feeling extra stealth.

Appropriate usage:

When you get six hours worth of work done in three; when you wake up at 8 am on a Sunday; when you crush a golf ball with two fingers.

The Monkey

best emojisWith his luscious curves, long, elegant legs, and tender tail, the monkey moves in ways like no other emoticon does. Though he can only be found on Skype, his *ahem* eccentric *ahem* dance and full smile will leave you feeling surprisingly upbeat all day.

Appropriate uses:

When you’re talking about that hot coworker; when you’ve got the apartment to yourself for the weekend; when you remember to wash your whites separately.


best emojisIt’s always endearing when members of the older generation ask if this is fudge. When someone starts using the poop emoticon with you, it means they’ve truly reached a state of comfort. Well, because sometimes you just need to tell someone about a poop.

Appropriate usage: poop.

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