Watch This Promo For… Something

Mac app maker MacPaw is teasing a major new release called Gemini with this intriguing teaser video. What does a new Mac app have to do with glowy, floaty eggs? I have no idea, but it sure piques my interest.

Gemini is expected to drop sometime in the next week, no doubt available from the Mac App Store. I questioned the good folks at MacPaw about their new app, and they made a vague reference to it being a kind of duplicate finder — a powerful one — with a novel interface. They promise more details as the launch approaches, and they’ve been talking about it in their blog lately, too. The screenshot below comes from their blog.

If you head over to the Gemini website and sign up to be notified when it becomes available, you’re automatically entered for a free download; every 100th subscriber wins.

Gemini screenshot

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