Timbo Snake 2 Is an App for the Kids of the 90s

timbo snake 2

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Snake is one of those games that one will never forget. Especially if you had a Nokia cell phone back in the 90s or early 2000s. But did you know that Snake existed even before that?

Timbo Snake 2

The concept was born in the 70s as an arcade game. I honestly didn’t know about that, but the Nokia version of Snake kept quite a lot of people busy back in the day.

If you’re too young to remember, here’s proof of just how popular the game was. There are developers who make modern versions of the game, and one of them is Timbo Snake 2.

Timbo Snake 2 is developed by Sergey Aspidov, and it takes the original concept of Snake, whilst adding new twists (pun intended) and features.

timbo snake 2

Here is how you play:

  • Help Timbo eat his way through the field and avoid all obstacles.
  • Discover how Timbo changes colors and speed after every few items he eats.
  • Use various game boosters to help you pass the levels.
  • Earn boosters by reaching milestones.
  • Includes hours of game play and challenging levels.
  • Also includes a couple bonus items with a timer, so don’t wait too long or game over.

The controls are simple enough:

  • Tap right or left when the snake is vertical.
  • Tap up or down when the snake is horizontal.

Whether you were an avid Snake player back then, or you want to take a walk down memory lane (although not that much), or you want your kids to play something safe, Timbo Snake 2 is worth a try.

You can get it for free here. (In-app purchases available.)

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