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The 8 Must-Have Apps for the Apple Watch in 2019

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If you have an Apple Watch, then chances are you’re not just using it to check the time. Along with all the fitness tracking and useful ways to synchronize to your iPhone, the Apple Watch has become popular for all the incredibly fun and helpful apps. It definitely doesn’t hurt that Series 3, 2, and 1 Apple Watches have significantly dropped in price now that the Series 4 has made its mark. Even some special edition versions are finding their way online and aren’t as pricey as you might think. If you do buy online, however, just make sure you’re a bit more careful than this guy.


Login security is always a hot topic at any time, so Authy’s two-factor authentication app pounces on the moment. The app is compatible with hundreds of different brands and services, including Apple, Gmail, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, and Twitter. You can set up two-factor authentication with Authy so that anytime you log into one of the sites and type in the user name and password, you’ll also have to enter a security code generated via Authy.

Carrot Weather

If you think that checking the weather is something that really needs an injection of humor, then that’s what you get with Carrot Weather. Sarcastic and funny comments that still tell you the weather forecast is the name of the game here, but the user experience is also top-notch and it looks very pretty. Perfect for those who need a smile when they know it’s going to rain. The company also makes a fitness app, which is equally sardonic.

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Find Your Car With AR

For forgetful drivers (and passengers), the worst thing that can happen after parking is trying to remember your spot several hours later. Was it this street or that street? Some opt for photographing the street name as a start, but an even better way is to use this app. You simply have to click ‘I parked here’ and use a pin to drop your location via GPS in the app, so when you return to the area, you just have to follow the exact directions. No more wandering around at 3am!

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

It can often happen in a conversation that someone uses a word over and over that you don’t actually know the meaning of! Instead of appearing stupid, excuse yourself to the bathroom and bring up the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app. You just have to say the word into the speaker and it will give you a solid definition. You can come back feeling way more confident now. A similar app exists from Microsoft for translation, in which you just speak a word or sentence in English, then the app will write out and say aloud the phrase in Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, etc.


Peak is a pretty cool app designed for brain training exercises and killing time when you’re bored. There are a few neat games that will test your memory, focus, and problem-solving skills, so when you’re waiting in line at a coffee shop or riding on the bus, here’s a good time to train your brain instead of mindlessly flicking through Instagram.

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In today’s world, it seems like there are a million things to remember: passwords, phone numbers, pins for banks, doors, and goodness knows what else. If you need a quick reminder of anything, Cheatsheet lets you create an icon for whatever it is you always forget and enter the necessary code. You’ll have to be careful to not let anyone else see these, of course, but it’s a little more practical than carrying around scraps of paper in your purse or wallet.


Google Maps and even Apple Maps are useful enough for navigating around cities and small towns, but what about when you get into the wilderness? Can you ask a deer for directions? No thanks. ViewRanger is great as a map app for hiking in the mountains, as it gives you step-by-step directions for hundreds of hiking and cycling trails across the world.


Finally, you may have use Headspace as an app for your phone or even on desktop browsers, but knowing that there is an Apple Watch version is a real game-changer. The SOS mode is awesome, as it’s a way to give you an instant relaxation drill when things are getting tough. There are also daily mindfulness exercises that allow you to practice the art of meditation and lower your stress levels.

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