Paid iOS Apps Free Today, April 4, 2016

paid ios apps gone free

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Here we go again with paid iOS apps free today.

I hope this week’s selection will give you one or two apps that you’ll use a lot.

Enjoy the week ahead!

Paid iOS apps free today

Rock(s) Rider – New Generation (HD Edition)

paid ios apps free today

Kick-start your bike, turn on the hard hitting rock music, throw yourself into the underground race and pull the impossible off! Mastering obstacles and risky traps wait for you on the hot tracks. Everybody will see you doing incredibly mad tricks! Grab the all bonus rewards. Race the boss or beat him on a trophy. Slide with the motorbike on dangerous constructions, go through adrenaline on a trike and show to everybody how far you can get with the Hill Climbing motorcycle. Or slow down the reality as in a movie… Show off, get respect among your friends and on the Global Leaderboards… Just enjoy unexpectedly REALISTIC and POWERFUL experience!


Fiete – mini games for kids 1+

paid ios apps free today

Fiete is a friendly sailor who lives on an island in the sea. In this interactive picture-book, children between 1 to 3 years can explore Fiete’s island and help him with his daily chores.

Over a total of 19 levels, you can prepare sandwiches, fry eggs sunny side up, hang socks on the clothesline, pick apples, change tires, load ships, make balloons burst and much more…

This hand-drawn interactive picture book with Fiete is particularly suitable for gently introducing children to the digital world. Your little one’s motor skills and logical thinking will be improved in a playful way, with attention to detail and design competence.

Fiete dispenses entirely with explanatory text, making it particularly intuitive and thus suitable even for young children. In developing the app, we made sure that children never feel stressed or overwhelmed. Kids can play at their own pace and explore the world in a playful way while having loads of fun.


Agenda: Widget+

paid ios apps gone free

iOS Calendar is a great App.
However, the widget for it shows only events for today.

This is the reason to use the ‘Agenda: Widget+’.
With this, you can check the upcoming events from notification center.


  • Displays upcoming events in the widget.
  • Visibility settings per calendar.
  • Number of events and range filter settings.
  • Displaying details of event can be customized.


Diode-108 Drum Machine

ios apps free today

Diode-108 is the only iPad drum machine on the market with direct control over every effect—HIT BY HIT.

The new leader in drum machines is here, with 16 voices (not 9), drag-and-drop per beat effects, note mode to change pitch, and the ability to make and share kits. Revolutionize your groove-making and create sounds you’ve never heard before.


Top Camera 2 – Photo Video Editor and Filters

free ios camera app

– 5 photo modes: Photo (normal and square), HDR, Slow Shutter, Night Photo, Superfast Burst
– 3 video modes: Simple Video with Pause (30 or 60fps), Slow Motion, Time Lapse
– focus box, exposure box (tap-and-hold to lock)
– manual focus/exposure slider
– zoom (by pinch gesture or slider)
– Volume button shutter
– Stabilizer
– Self Timer
– Virtual Horizon – a visual leveling bar to keep your images straight.

– unified Photo/Video editor – all filters/adjustments can be applied to both Photos and Videos
– 9 Adjustments: Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature, Vibrance, Sharpen/Blur, Shadows, Highlights, Straighten
– 64 Hollywood quality color-correction filters divided into 8 groups: Cinema, Effects, Vintage, Antique, Pastel, Split/Tone, Monotone
– Adjust filter strength
– Realtime preview
– Drag left/right to scrub through videos
– Tap-and-hold on thumbnail to delete
– Save result as a new clip
– Or Overwrite current one – you can later revert to original version from this app system Photos app
– Photo Extension support


On another note, do you know how much people spend on apps on average?

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