MacHeist 4 Offers $539 of Apps for $29

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This year’s MacHeist 4 bundle has been revealed, and it’s a killer one. There are 15 Mac apps total, including some heavy hitters like Evernote, Scrivener, DiskTools Pro, and an incredible selection of games, too, all for an unheard-of price of $29.

MacHeist is a unique marketing program for independent Mac app developers, where more than a dozen apps are bundled together for an incredibly low price. It’s primarily used by developers as a fun, public-awareness campaign that raises the profile of their apps.

If you bought these apps separately, you’d have to spend $539, but the MacHeist bundle gives you every one of them for $29. That’s just insane, because many of these apps regularly cost more than $29 all by themselves. And perhaps the best part: 25% of every MacHeist bundle purchase is donated to the charity of your choice.

The apps in the MacHeist 4 bundle are probably the best collection the program has ever offered. Here’s a look at the apps included.


  • Scrivener – a full-featured tool for writers (reg. $45)
  • PDF Signer – virtually sign any PDF form without printing or scanning (reg. $10)
  • Evernote Premium – capture ideas, images, and sounds, and share them across any devices, ad free (reg. $60)
  • Artboard – easy, powerful vector image maker (reg. $30)
  • HDRtist – turn any picture into an HDR photo (reg. $30)


  • DiskTools Pro – robust hard drive utility (reg. $80)
  • Courier – stamp-and-envelope interface for easy social sharing (reg. $10)
  • Radium – powerful, unobtrusive Internet radio player that sits in your menu bar (reg. $25)


  • Bejeweled 3 – premiere match-3 game sequel (reg. $20)
  • Jurassic Park: The Game – five-episode adventure game with cinematic visuals (reg. $30)
  • Sam and Max 3: The Devil’s Playhouse – top-notch comedic adventure (reg. $35)
  • Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People – zany adventure based on popular cartoons (reg. $30)

Depending on how many bundles are sold, purchasers may also gain access to these three Bonus Apps:

  • Firetask – manage your to-do list in style (reg. $40)
  • BioShock 2 – bestselling first-person shooter (reg. $25)
  • Painter Lite – digital painting suite (reg. $70)

There’s one catch to all this awesomeness: the bundle is available for a very limited time only. In eight days, MacHeist 4 will be over, so don’t wait! Go grab this amazing deal right now.

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