How to Use AppCake to Install IPA Files on iOS

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AppCake used to be a Cydia tweak, allowing jailbreakers to install unsigned IPA files to their devices. Things are different now; jailbreaks are few and far between, and most that are available are semi-untethered and only for specific devices. That’s not a problem, though, because AppCake is now available to all users, whether they have a jailbreak or not.

What is AppCake?

AppCake is an iOS platform that helps you get unsigned, unofficial IPA files onto your iPhone or iPad. It is also called sideloading. We have been using Cydia Impactor to do this but, although it is a great tool, you can only install up to three apps using it, and you must provide the IPA file yourself. AppCake allows you to install unlimited files, and there are thousands already in the app.

AppCake was developed by iPhoneCake and released in 2008 by iPASTORE. It works on all iOS devices from iOS 9 upwards and has recently been updated with support for iOS 13.

How to Install AppCake

Installing AppCake is quite simple, but you must be aware that it uses enterprise certificates, and these are subject to potential revocation by Apple:

  1. Launch the Safari browser and download AppCake from the linked website
  2. A message will appear asking for permission; tap Install.
  3. When you see the AppCake icon on your home screen, the store is installed.
  4. Before you use it, open Settings > General
  5. Tap on Profiles and find the AppCake profile
  6. Tap it and tap Trust
  7. Now you can use AppCake to install your apps and games.

You can also install external IPA files using AppCake:

  1. Using the Safari browser again, find and download the IPA file you want, using only reputable links.
  2. Send the IPA to AppCake
  3. Launch AppCake, find the file on downloads, and tap on it to install it.

AppCake Features

AppCake is packed with features, including the following:

  • Completely free
  • Works on all iOS devices from iOS 9 through iOS 13
  • All the apps and games are sorted into categories so you can find exactly what you want
  • You can even download jailbreaks, including the popular utilities, Unc0ver and Electra – this is the safest way to jailbreak your device
  • The store has thousands of apps and games of all categories
  • A search facility helps you find what you want much faster
  • Support for installing external IPA files as well as those in the store

If all that wasn’t enough, you also get a cool file manager when you download AppCake. You can use it to monitor how your downloads are progressing if there are any issues with your downloads, and you can manage your successful downloads too. A web server is built into the app, too, so you can get access to any of your downloads using any web browser; that also means your files can be uploaded and downloaded between your iPhone/iPad and your computer.

Lastly, AppCake has some customizable settings, including being able to fix iOS 12 and iOS 13 app crashes and setting AppCake so that, when your downloads are complete, they will install automatically, rather than you having to do it manually.

Is AppCake Safe?

AppCake is 100% safe to use. It is regularly monitored, and any issues found or reported are fixed straight away. To keep the app safe, you must install these updates as they are released. You do not need to jailbreak to install AppCake, so you are not placing the security of your device at risk by hacking into the iOS root, and our testing has shown no sign of any viruses or malware. You also do not need your Apple ID to use the app, so Apple cannot track your usage.

Try AppCake today.

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