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Like Lists and Grocery Shopping? Check Out Grocery App “Heap”

grocery app heap

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I have a confession: I am addicted to the supermarket. Grocery shopping is my therapy, which may or may not be cheaper than actually seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Grocery apps are not always at the top of my list of apps to download, though, as I like roaming the aisles and just getting whatever I know think the pantry needs. Then again, that’s probably why I sometimes end up forgetting some things and having to go back the next couple of days (not intentional, seriously).

And when I do use lists – for particularly important trips to the supermarket (don’t ask me what makes them important) – I rely on either Trello or Evernote.

Then I get this email from the makers of grocery app Heap. I admit I was tempted to just ignore it, but the word “grocery” jumped out at me.

So what’s this grocery app all about?

It’s basically a list app, except prettified.

grocery app heap

Instead of simple text lists, you get images with your items. And instead of ticking off bought items (which I love, by the way), you tap on the image.

Here’s a video preview of what you can do with the grocery app Heap.

Heap is not yet available as of today, but come September 1, the app will launch in the App Store, and you can give it a go. Whether you already use a grocery list app or you don’t think you’ll use Heap, why not try it anyway – it’s FREE! I know I am going to try it, and see if it makes my “therapy sessions” even more effective.

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