10 Free iOS Education Apps for Adults

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With people around the world stuck in their homes under lockdown during this time, boredom is probably one of the things that everyone has in common. Thankfully, there are thousands of education apps available in the App Store that you can check out. Covering a wide range of topics, learning doesn’t stop even in these trying times.

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Education apps for adults

1. TED

Featuring short videos called “TED Talks,” TED is a non-profit organization that is known to spread ideas and inspirational stories through talks by credible personalities or professionals in their respective fields. The TED mobile app features a library of all the TED Talks that they have produced, all of which you can access for free. In addition, language won’t be a problem with these talks, as they come with subtitles in more than 100 languages.

2. Khan Academy

Another non-profit organization is Khan Academy, which was founded by Sal Khan. This education app features lessons on the basic concepts of various topics ranging from science to arts. It is a free education app not only for students but also for adults who wish to learn something new from another field of interest. Moreover, users can also take practice questions and exams in order to assess their progress in learning the lesson.

3. Duolingo

Many people have thought of learning a new language while in quarantine. After all, learning a new language takes time and consistent practice. One of the most famous language apps in the world is Duolingo. It offers several languages that you can choose from, ranging from French and Spanish to Japanese and Korean. The app can be used by both beginners and advanced speakers thanks to its user-friendly interface.

4. SkillShare

If you’re interested in learning something that would help in your career advancement, SkillShare might just be the education app for you. This education app offers digital online classes with topics ranging from entrepreneurship to creative arts. You can also use this if you are looking to improve your hobbies such as photography or cooking.

5. Lumosity

To make learning a little bit more fun, you can try downloading Lumosity. Instead of attending online classes, this education app features programs and games that require its users to brainstorm. Lumosity also provides different kinds of quizzes to test the sharpness of your mind. Because of its games, this app can also be introduced to kids.

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6. Edmodo

Edmodo is an education app that promotes open communication between teachers and students. It features online classes that users can learn from for free. One of the main highlights of this app is engagement wherein students and teachers from all over the world are able to connect and discuss certain topics and provide better insights.

7. Goodreads

Simply reading a book is a way of learning new words and phrases. It is also a means to discover a whole new world within its pages and practice your imagination. With the extra time afforded by this quarantine period, you can finally read a book or two at home. Thankfully, Goodreads is available on the App Store with more than 30 million users worldwide. This learning app features one billion books to choose from and you can read to your heart’s content.

8. Blinkist

Reading for hours is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. If you wish to read a book but you only have a short attention span, you can try downloading Blinkist instead. This education app offers thousands of non-fiction books that you can finish reading in around 15 minutes. Its books are filled with tips on practicality as well as on ways on how to improve yourself in different aspects of life.

9. ActiveX

ActiveX is an education app specifically designed for people who wish to learn more about physical fitness. Each person has his or her own fitness goals and this app teaches them how to achieve that. It offers fitness tricks and techniques to help users better understand the factors that affect their overall physical health. What better way to spend some of your extra time at home than learning how to stay fit and healthy during this time?

10. EdX

If you’re looking for online courses that are typically offered in universities, you should give EdX a try. This education app offers programs in computer science, psychology, statistics, engineering, and history, to name a few. It features online lectures where users can also complete assignments as well as take exams. There are also certain programs within the app where certificates can be earned by the end of the program.

These are only some of the best education apps that you can download from the App Store. There are all sorts of learning apps that you can try that will best fit your learning curve and style. It may be hard to focus on anything while on lockdown but these apps will not only help in reducing boredom but also in keeping your mind sharp. Download these apps and learn while you cope during this lockdown.

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