Free iOS Apps Today: Download Paid Apps for Free, June 13, 2016

paid ios apps gone free

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Here are this week’s paid iOS apps gone free.


(As usual, remember they’re free now but they won’t be free forever, so download while you can.)

Free iOS apps today

Net Master – IT Tools & LAN Scanner

free ios apps today

Net Master is the ultimate mobile solution for all your network analysis and diagnostic problems. Net Master is a utility application developed for Network Administrators and IT Professionals but presented in a format targeted for non-professionals. All the essential networking tools are available in one convenient mobile application.

Networking Tools available include:

  • LAN Scan for complete scanning and diagnostics of all devices connected to a Local Area Network
  • Speed Test to monitor your cellular (3G/4G/LTE) or WiFi connection rate and response for your device.
  • Port Scanning is a essential network utility for every IT professional. This utility application lets you check what services are listening on a network and is useful for making sure no service ports are open that shouldn’t be.

Read – Epub Reader – Import books from Dropbox and sync highlights to Evernote

ios apps gone free

The best way to start is to search for your ePubs in your Dropbox and add them very simply to your library. Or search among millions of free public domain books, including every classic, and start reading them immediately.
No more zig-zagging across several apps. Everything comes to you in one place ensuring a simple and clean reading experience.

Read synchronizes your books and highlights between different devices. Every highlights you make can be saved into Evernote. We send a weekly recap with your highlights, so that you can retain more from your readings. The app loads fast and offers many APIs to connect to, for you to be more productive.


  • Simple and minimal design that fits iOS 9 standard
  • One-tap Dropbox access to your ePub files
  • Connect Evernote and synchronize every highlight taken
  • Millions of free classics at your fingertips
  • Personalize fonts, background color, and more
  • Adjust luminosity in one-gesture
  • No advertising, never.
  • Share quotes on Twitter and more
  • Open DRM-free EPUB 2.0 and 3.0 books

Organizy – Shopping List (Grocery List)

ios apps free today

Use Organizy to:

  • Quickly add products to your list with the help of our auto-complete feature – you will be pleasantly surprised to see just how diverse and complete the Organizy’s inventory is.
  • Strike out items from your list using only one hand – leaving the other free to take products off the shelves and put them into your shopping cart.
  • Save time by using the ideal route in a store to get your shopping done quickly and efficiently – Organizy automatically groups the products on your list according to sections/aisles of a store.
  • Choose to see the “must-buy” products at the top of your list – this is especially helpful for long shopping lists.
  • Have no fear of accidentally striking out an item on your shopping list. You will find the Organizy intuitive and well-thought out.

1 Stock a Day

free iphone apps

“1 Stock a Day” is an app where you can share predictions and get community signal for posted stocks. It is a trading model powered by you.


The app is designed to create a score card for each user. The better your predictions are, the better your score gets. Your score determines the weighting of your opinion in the community signal.

The community signals weigh heavily towards successful traders’ opinion.

This way; the more people uses the app, the more accurate the signals get.


After the stock is posted, you have 5 trading days to enter a trade.

If you don’t trade, you don’t get to see the community signal.

You can’t trade the same stock multiple times.

After entering a trade, you must close the trade within the following 5 trading days. Your position will be closed automatically at the end of the last day if it is still open.

Once you close the trade, the information gets added to your Score Card.

You need at least 5 closed trades before your score can be calculated.

Your score reflects how well you’re doing in relation to other traders. A score of 100 means you are the king of trading.

Drop Flip

paid ios apps gone free

Drop Flip is a delightful game packed with silly physics contraptions! Move, flip and manipulate obstacles of every shape and size as you accomplish the not-so-simple task of dropping a ball into a bucket.

  • Over 100 crazy fun levels ranging from easy to near-impossible
  • Complex gameplay wrapped in colorful, minimalistic visuals
  • Joyful music with catchy sound effects
  • Game Center leaderboards and achievements
  • Attempt to get a “Ball-in-One” or “Ball-in-Two”
  • Synchronize progress across devices via iCloud
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