Free iOS Apps Today: Download Paid Apps for Free, November 25, 2019

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Here is your weekly dose of free iOS apps to download. Have fun!

(Note: These apps are free as of this writing; they may go back to their regular price anytime so download the apps for free while you can.)

Paid apps for free today

Hashtag Bank – Organize # easy

Let Hashtag Bank organize your hashtags!
Save time with convenient shortcuts, & discover popular hashtags in different categories!

Save time with shortcuts for all your needs
• Copy and paste hashtags with a single tap
• Turn hashtags off and on like a switch. If certain tags don’t work, turn them off for now.
• Get your hashtags counted. Never have your comments disabled for having over 30 hashtags
• Easily copy a header of your choice along with your hashtags

Get organized
• Copy and paste your frequently used hashtags with a single tap.
• Organize your hashtags into categories
• Allocate specific hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest
• Use drag and drop functionality to easily reorder your hashtags
• Colour code your hashtags for simple and efficient use.

Discover trending & niche hashtags
• Find trending hashtags that relate to your passion
• Find trending hashtags that your target audience are searching for
• Create a global audience by finding related hashtags in different languages
• Select only the tags that you want. No need for group copying

Happy Nonogram

Happy Nonogram is a paint by numbers puzzle, also known as Griddler and many other names.

– 20 puzzles (5 x 5 pixels)
– 23 puzzles (15 x 15 pixels)
– 24 puzzles (25 x 25 pixels)
– 15 puzzles (50×50 pixels)
– 8 Easter themed puzzles in different sizes
– 15 Xmas themed puzzles in different sizes
– When the puzzle is correctly completed an image appears over the puzzle
– Pick a random puzzle or select by name
– The puzzles can be re-sized
– The puzzles can be moved or locked in place on the screen
– Puzzles have number hints on all sides
– The game works in both landscape and portrait mode
– Includes a help section, with a guide of how to play
– Option to show/hide stats for current game
– Re-play puzzles as many times as you want
– Coloured guide bars that can be turned on or off for visual aids
– Choose between Dark & Light Color Themes
– No popup advertising
– No in game purchases needed
– No registration needed
– No internet connection needed
– No subscription needed

Sketch Tree Pro – My Art Pad

Sketch Tree is a mobile drawing application created specifically for creative professionals. Its painting and drawing function is very groundbreaking, with realistic brushes and breakthrough watercolors. The canvas can be enlarged 64 times with a high-precision grid display, and the artwork is accurate to the pixel level. Full-featured painting tools, with over 80 exquisite brushes, erasers, smearing tools, ruler, cutter, filling and roller auxiliary tools, color picker, and an advanced layers system that can import background images and sketching, black ink, color painting, color separation, sharpen layer processings.

Adjustment for brush size and transparency, unlimited undo and redo, continuous automatic saving, simple and easy to use interface, even beginners can quickly get started. GPU hardware acceleration, you can create beautiful sketches, fascinating pictures and wonderful illustrations anywhere and anytime. And you can share your works on social networks.

Whereas painting is not only drawing, it also powerfully to edit image. It can bring life photographs with artistic. When you understand it thoroughly, you couldn’t part with it. It will become more and more powerful, as it is still progress.

todayee camera

Since the posts for one day are put together in one note, the photographs are not scattered.

* To use Todayee, you need ma separate account of Ever Note.

[ Features of Todayee Silent ]
– Shooting is possible immediately after startup
– Can add comments to photos
– Selectable photo size
– Save to camera roll
– There are the following restrictions
– You can not shoot with the camera facing up

– Give timestamp, location information, and weather information for each post
– Send in the background

Egg Story – Fruits Vs Veggies

Unleash your child’s cooking talent in this wonderful cooking game. It’s time for breakfast in the world of Fruits vs Veggies!

It is morning and the fruits and veggies are all hungry. Han, the pumpkin, cooks up his special deluxe eggs. The other fruits and veggies, seeing his yummy eggs, get even hungrier and now the cooking fever is on!

Join them all in their cooking craze this morning! Kai is into his own special breakfast of champions. He’s got fried eggs going, sausages sizzling in the pan and all the while he’s preparing some tangy, spicy baked beans to go with it. Top it off with a side of golden buttered toast and of course, some fresh juice, please.

Quin wants her own custom dish for breakfast and you’re a master chef, perfect for the job. Scramble eggs to perfection, fry bacon till it’s crisp, squeeze some fresh juice and toast bread to a golden brown – this is a hearty breakfast that is delicious!

Otto thinks you haven’t really had breakfast until you’ve tried his Outstanding Omelettes! Whisk the eggs to perfection and fold those omelettes to a fluffy delight. When you’re done, cut them up and offer Han a slice – he won’t say no to delicious hot food!

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