RUMOR: Black iMacs coming soon?

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imac.jpgAs the rumor mill keeps on turning MacScoop is now reporting that there is a strong possibility that most (possibly all) the Macs will receive a refresh by the end of June.

The only specific information that MacScoop claims to have is that we’ll be seeing a black version of the iMac with the next update of the system. Apparently (like the Macbooks) the black version will only be the high end version of the iMac.

Click Here for the full article, include a few more rumors rounded up.

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2 thoughts on “RUMOR: Black iMacs coming soon?

  1. I see the idea that it might, I just don’t see it actually happening. Nor do I see a silver iMac. I like the white and I think they should stick with it, but if they offered both colours so I can get my white I will be happy.

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