8 Free iOS Apps You Must Download Today

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The Apple store has over 2.2 million apps that can make work and life easier, and many are available for FREE.

Here are eight free iOS apps that can simplify your life.

8 Free iOS apps to download

1. The SimpleMind+ App

free ios appsInnovation is the key to success in the modern competitive world. The SimpleMind+ app is a creative app for mind mapping. It helps you organize your thoughts, remember things, and generate new and innovative ideas.

This app has a simple, user-friendly and colorful interface. You can easily switch between the desktop and mobile versions to make sure you can record your thoughts anywhere, anytime.

2. Lumosity

free ios appsLumosity is created by neuroscientists and designed to improve memory and attention. People’s attention span is diminishing rapidly, so having an app that can improve it can be the best thing ever. The average human attention span in 2015 was 8.25 seconds, lower than that of a Goldfish, which is 9 seconds. The Lumosity app is used by more than 50 million people across the globe. The app creates personalized training programs that challenge your brain. So get set to train your brain to read better, react quicker, and remember people’s names and phone numbers.

3. Remente App

free ios appsRemente, a personal development app, was developed by a team of psychologists, mental trainers, and entrepreneurs. The Remente app is designed to help people achieve their goals (personal and professional), deal with stress, and become successful in life. The app uses a number of proven self-development techniques that include brain training, relationship advice, and various functionalities to help you lead a healthier and better life.

Once you download the app, you can assess yourself and rate how happy you are in the most important areas of life. The ‘Mood Tracker’ feature is a perk offered by Remente that allows you to monitor your mood and track behavioral changes.

4. The 30/30 App

free ios appsAre you looking for an efficient task manager app for your iPhone? The 30/30 app from Binary Hammer helps you be more productive on any specific day. This app offers a gesture-based interface, options to control how you want to be notified about the tasks and you can add unlimited number of tasks to the app. The home screen features a clock that represents the total amount of time you should take to complete the set of tasks.

This app can be useful for anyone – a student can set a task for completing a chapter, a content writer can set a task for completing a blog post and a marketer can set a task for accomplishing a business goal. The more you use this app, the better you are in control of how you manage your time. Put yourself on the right track with the 30/30 app.

5. The Outlook App

free appsOutlook is the most popular and preferred email client amongst business owners. Even though it is a Microsoft product, it is available on the Apple Store and the latest version is full of perks for all of its users. The mobile version of Outlook is light and flexible, unlike the desktop version which is overloaded with features.

Outlook for iOS can be fully integrated with the desktop Outlook calendar. In addition, it has a Focused inbox that shows important messages only and is provided with customizable swipe gestures. Outlook for iOS supports several types of accounts such as Gmail and IMAP. You just need to download the Outlook app, integrate it and get started.

6. Waze

free appsWhether you are going on a long road trip or simply commuting to your client’s office, Waze is the navigation app that will help you get to your destination in the shortest time.

The Waze app monitors traffic conditions and alerts you about possible roadblocks, construction sites, accidents, red-light cameras, and even the police on your route.

7. BBC iPlayer

free appsThe BBC iPlayer app offers a large catalogue of television programs and radio shows. The best thing about this app is that programs are streamed without any interruptions, i.e. they are free of commercials. The app also enables you to watch any show that has been broadcasted in the last seven days on the move.

Anyone going on a long tour, where a reliable Internet connection may not be available, can cache shows for 30 days and enjoy them on the go. So whether you are in your office or on an international holiday, you need not worry about missing your favorite shows.

8. Adobe Photoshop Fix

free appsWhat would you do if you need to retouch an image on the go? Simply download the Photoshop Fix app and get access to the myriad of retouching and restoration features offered by Adobe. The features available include liquify, smooth, heal, lighten, and paint.

The app also allows you to send images from your phone to your desktop so that you can further fix the image for precision.


These are a few of the numerous iOS apps that you must download to make your life smoother and happier. Sure there are millions of other apps, but these are a few you can get started with. The Apple Store offers apps in every category – travel, weather, music and entertainment, games, lifestyle, and more. Which is your favorite app?

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