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Keeping your house clean and clutter-free can be quite challenging when you’re also busy with work, what more taking care of your children. With so many housekeeping tasks at hand, they can be overwhelming especially when you’re already tired from your day job. Fortunately, there are now house cleaning apps that can help you stay on top of things. These apps can help you keep track of your housekeeping tasks so you don’t end up with a pile of chores at the end of the day. Here are some free house cleaning apps you can check out on the App Store.


Spotless is a house cleaning app that allows users to set up several house areas based on their home. There’s the living room, the bathroom, and the kitchen just to name a few. For each area, you can create a list of tasks to accomplish. With these lists, you get to segregate each area and stay focused on the tasks at hand. In addition, the app also allows users to set deadlines for these tasks in case there’s a special occasion or something coming over.


Aside from literally cleaning the house, there are also other things you need to do to maintain the upkeep of your home. This includes grocery shopping and keeping your items organized in the right place. OurHome is an app that helps users not just manage tasks but also family events and shopping lists. You can even use this app to motivate your children to help you with the house chores.


Organize your house room by room with the help of Sweepy. You can create a checklist of house chores for each room in your home to stay organized. Once you’re done with every task, you can simply tick it off the list. Plus, the app enables you to set how frequently each task should be done. Check each room from time to time and log its current state in the app so you know how clean or dirty it is.


A simple app that can help you with your house chores to-do list is Do! It’s an app that’s easy to navigate even for beginners. This app is quite similar to a regular paper to-do list, except that this one stays on your phone that you always carry around with you. It’s a handy app that even features a color-coding system, which can help you stay organized.


One way to make housekeeping easier is to have your children or other family members help you with the tasks at hand. Homey is an app where each family member can create their own account and manage their own tasks inside the house. You can assign each task to certain family members and they can even earn an allowance for each completed task.


How do you maintain good housekeeping? By building a good habit of organizing and keeping things tidy. Sometimes, waiting isn’t an option. With Done, you can start building a habit of keeping your home clean every day. Enter the habits you wish to build in your life and set parameters for each one, like how often you want to do this habit. The app will remind you every single time you need to accomplish a task so you can build a good housekeeping habit.


As the name suggests, Dirtfree is an app that helps users keeping their house free from dirt. It enables users to set chores for each room and input the frequency of each one. For every achievement, you can get cleaning streaks. In addition, this app also provides users with cleaning tricks to help them accomplish their tasks much easier.


Don’t have the time to complete your housekeeping tasks? That’s where TaskRabbit comes into play. You can input the type of task that you need help with and the app will search for qualified Taskers in your area to get the job done. They do it safely and efficiently, so you have nothing to worry about. These tasks include grocery shopping, organizing items, moving furniture, plowing snow, and even home repair.

Chores & Allowance Bot

Make housekeeping fun with Chores & Allowance Bot. It’s an app that enables you to track your family’s chores and send allowances to those who accomplish them on time. Not only will you be teaching them how to do housework, but they will also learn the value of money. You can choose from a daily, weekly, or monthly allowance for each member as well as different amounts. You can even rotate the chores among family members so it’s fair to everyone involved.

Your Rules

Achieve your housekeeping goal with Your Rules. This app knows the value of building good housekeeping habits and keeps you in check. With every small goal you accomplish, it gives you points for the effort. You can use these points as a motivator, especially since you can spend the points through the app. For example, reach 100 points and you can treat yourself for a job well done!

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