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For people who hit the snooze button more times than you can count – FreakyAlarm just might be what you need. This alarm clock app is like no other as it will force you to clear that sleep-fogged brain of yours before it stops nagging you to wake up.

It’s scary, truth be told, as it will require you to solve logic games and puzzles for it to stop ringing. Either that or throw your phone against the wall. Assuming you don’t want to break your not-so-cheap iPhone, you will probably get out of bed and wake up.

FreakyAlarm is free today, July 28, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.



  • 11 effective logic GAMES
  • 5 PRIORITY levels that determines the combination of the games, the level of difficulty of the questions and annoyance of the sounds
  • 40+ annoying SOUNDS and you can add your music
  • RANDOMNESS to avoid habit-forming


You can register:

  • BARCODES (product codes or QR codes)
  • WHATEVER you photographed


  • Amazing time-based themes
  • Alarm voice that reminds you of the events of the day
  • Volume control
  • Statistics to monitor your own path to “recovery”
  • Badges
  • Nightstand clock
  • Notification Center widget
  • Insistent notification system

Take a look at FreakyAlarm and stop hitting the snooze button.

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