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Five Apps that Will Make Your Business Life a Lot Easier

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A business lives and dies by its bottom line. If you’re running on a tight margin, any productivity or efficiency boost could prove to be the difference between profit and bankruptcy. Fortunately, when it comes to pretty much every aspect of your business life, there’s an app for that.

Apps can help improve efficiency, protect your data, automate tedious processes and help you get the resources you need to ensure your business thrives. Here are five stellar apps that will make your business life a whole lot easier.

Five Apps that Will Make Your Business Life a Lot Easier

1. Trello 

Every modern business needs an all-in-one platform for day-to-day organization. There is a lot to choose from, but Trello is arguably the most comprehensive. With Trello you can set out all of the tasks your team needs to complete in an easy-to-follow checklist format. You can use it to store vital information and resources, as well as schedule all of your meetings. It’s one of the few free organizational platforms that allows you to keep track of all of your employee’s activities and ensure you’re moving in the right direction.

2. TigerText

For any business to avoid theft and fraud, as well as stay compliant in the modern regulatory landscape, security is absolutely key. For starters, it is vital that your business has comprehensive general liability insurance that will keep you and your assets covered in the event of a privacy breach or property theft. However, it’s also important to take preventative measures. You can use TigerText to ensure that all of you and your employees’ communications are 100% encrypted and secure, across all platforms and devices. 


3. Canva 

If you want to be able to create engaging, beautifully designed digital content in an instant, Canva is the best way to do so without hiring a full-time graphic designer. It’s a paid-for app, but definitely worth every penny. With it, you can create custom or predesigned social media graphics, email headers, infographics, and logos which look absolutely flawless and will ensure that your target audience pays attention. 

4. Toggl 

Effective time management is an essential quality for any successful team to have. The brainiacs behind the Toggl app have created a smooth platform that gamifies every aspect of the working day, promoting an atmosphere of healthy competition in your team and ensuring that not a single second is wasted. What’s more, the app also allows you to keep track of billable hours and auto-generate invoices for clients, something that will save your finance department a whole lot of time and resources. 

5. Blinkist 

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll likely spend a significant amount of time reading. Quarterly reports, presentations, meeting notes, projections, pitches; you name it. Free up your working day by downloading Blinkist, which uses machine learning to summarize large pieces of text into 15-minute reports. It works for everything, regardless of whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation or an 800-word business guidebook. Get smart and save time with this game-changing app. 

A business is only as effective as the resources at its disposable. Download these apps today to turn your business into an efficient, well-oiled machine. 

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