Facebook’s Paper App Available on February 3

Talk about Facebook’s own reader app has been going around for some time, and in a few days, we will see just how the new app – Paper – will affect the way we consume digital media. The Paper landing page tells us that it will be available on February 3, and the tag line is simple and straight to the point “Explore and share stories from friends and the world around you.


From what I have seen and read, it seems that Facebook’s Paper app is going to have a huge impact on the habits of Facebook users. We can’t ignore the fact that for¬†many people, Facebook¬†is the Internet. And, if links from Facebook can be read without using an external app (like Safari), one really won’t have to explore the world outside of Facebook!

Take a look at how Paper works.

Introducing Paper from Facebook on Vimeo.
The Verge seems to be rather excited about the app, and they also highlighted the fact that it is free of ads – for now, at least. If we know one thing about Facebook, they’re going to find ways to put ads in there somewhere. Still, if one can streamline Facebook surfing with reading articles shared on their feed, then I think many users will welcome the opportunity.

What do you think?


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